The Circular Economy - a Powerful Force for Climate Mitigation

This report investigates how a more circular economy can contribute to cutting CO2 emissions. It explores a broad range of opportunities for the four largest materials in terms of emissions (steel, plastics, aluminium, and cement) and two large use segments for these materials (passenger cars and buildings). 

Framing stranded asset risks in an age of disruption

This study investigates which assets could become economically stranded as a result of the transition to a more sustaina...
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Ett värdebeständigt svenskt materialsystem

Om 100 kr råmaterial går in i den svenska ekonomin, hur många kronor återstår efter en användningscykel? Materi...
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A Good Disruption

Published in October 2016, A Good Disruption – Reinventing Growth in the Twenty-First Century explains how the massive...
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