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If you are looking for a career as a management consultant and you have an interest in sustainability, climate and natural resource issues you are who we are looking for. Material Economics offers an unrivalled combination of the fast learning curve in management consulting and expertise in the most important strategic topic many companies are facing today. We are 40+ people with previous experience from top-tier consulting firms and from industry. Per-Anders Enkvist, founder and CEO of Material Economics, was one of the founders of McKinsey's Sustainability and Resource Productivity business area.

As a consultant at Material Economics by McKinsey you will be given the opportunity to help solve complex problems impacting companies and society and drive the field of sustainable business strategy forward. We offer the opportunity to join a high caliber and fun team, working on some of the most relevant issues of the day. The types of projects we do span from strategy engagements for large companies, to research-focused projects advancing the field of climate and material sustainability. At Material Economics, you will be encouraged to take initiative and contribute to the development of your own as well as the firm.

How to apply
For the Junior Specialist position apply here (please note applications are according to intake windows, see details below)

For the Specialist position apply here

For the Expert Consultant position apply here

Next Junior Specialist Intake Window
Application deadline February 1, 2024
Please submit CV and cover letter in English, as well as copies of your grades. Applicants receive feedback within two weeks after the application deadline.

Problem Solving Game Deadline February 6, 2024
Eligible candidates will be invited on an ongoing basis to take our gamified assessment which tests your intrinsic problem-solving skills. No preparation is required for this game. After the deadline, we will extensively review your application, including the results from the game and you will receive feedback on if you proceed to interviews.

Quantifying important natural resource debates

We believe that it is easier to move natural resource and environmental debates forward by quantifying them and describing them in economic terms. These projects are often done for consortiums of clients coming together to address a certain problem or natural resource. The projects are often public or semi-public, and the end products are typically a well-written report and a stakeholder mobilization plan. The ‘carbon cost curve’ projects and the circular economy projects (see ‘reference projects’) that our founder Per-Anders Enkvist did while working at McKinsey are examples of such projects, and in both cases moved each respective debate several steps forward.

Corporate strategy in a resource-constrained world

These projects take many shapes and forms, but the common denominator is often that a company or industry is running into natural resource constrains, which in turn causes reactions from markets, regulators, customers, and investors. Often, alternative technologies and business models are becoming available, but a possible transition raises difficult questions about cost competitiveness, cannibalization of old industrial models, customer reactions, and timing. We help our clients navigate this complex web, often through a combination of analytics, strategy discussions, 3rd party expertise, field visits, and analogies from other industries going through a similar transition. Investment decisions in long-term assets are often the ‘acid test’ of corporate strategy. We can help by bringing a second opinion and challenging internal ‘truths’.