Per Klevnäs

+46 72 182 79 72

Per Klevnäs has worked internationally with resource and climate issues as a consultant and researcher since the early 2000s. An economist by training, previous roles have included as an expert in McKinsey’s Sustainability Practice, Research Director of the New Climate Economy Project, a senior researcher at the Stockholm Environment Institute, and Managing Director of an economic consultancy.

At Material Economics, Per helps companies set the right direction in the face of new business requirements and opportunities connected with energy, resource, and sustainability topics. He has worked widely across energy, basic materials, packaging, manufacturing, banking, and utilities on topics ranging from investment due diligence and acquisition scanning, low-carbon growth strategies, investment planning, product and technology development, and regulatory strategy.

Per also has a background in research and has worked extensively with government and philanthropic agencies. He is lead author of several high-profile international reports, including The Circular Economy – a Powerful Force for GHG Mitigation, Industrial Transformation 2050, Completing the Picture and the New Climate Economy report.

Per holds an MPhil in Economics from the University of Cambridge. He lives in Stockholm with his wife and two children.