Mainstreaming Green Hydrogen in Europe

This white paper summarises an independent research project conducted by Material Economics and commissioned by Breakthrough Energy, exploring what Europe can do to accelerate the growth of hydrogen, and in particular renewable energy-based (or so-called green) hydrogen.

It explores two questions: How can Europe accelerate the growth of clean (or carbon-free) hydrogen, and in particular green hydrogen? And how can Europe capture a major share of the industrial value associated with green hydrogen and ensure strategic autonomy?

The analysis suggests Europe could build up the green hydrogen industry faster than many current strategies suggest. Its key new insight is that Europe could mainstream green hydrogen faster than traditional assessments suggest by creating joint investment projects along the value chain, which would allow the initial green premium, or extra cost, of green hydrogen to be measured against the sustainability value-add of a final product, and not only against the cost of competing fossil fuels.

The white paper shows that green hydrogen is a massive opportunity for Europe, industrially as well as environmentally. Mainstreaming green hydrogen will mean a major industrial transformation, with huge investment and innovation potential. This is precisely the type of clean technology journey that Europe says it wants, and it can help Europe achieve its core goals of building back better and securing strategic, open autonomy. This is a prize worth fighting for, and Europe should do its very best to capture this opportunity.

(Download PowerPoint Appendix)