Welcome to Material Economics by McKinsey & Company

We all know it: transforming our economy to fit within the boundaries of the planet is a massive challenge, but it also presents massive opportunities for those who are ahead of their game. Material Economics is a top management consultancy firm specialized on sustainability and resource strategy topics, aiming to help our clients be just that - ahead of their game. 

As of 1 December 2021, Material Economics is part of McKinsey & Company. By combining Material Economics’ capabilities and assets with McKinsey’s extensive network, we can broaden and deepen our sustainability offerings, and accelerate our ambition to create a global engine for sustainability operating from the region. We will be able to help clients with cutting-edge perspectives on circularity, detailed CO2 abatement strategies, and ultimately net-zero transformation.

The acquisition brings the professional journeys of Material Economics CEO and co-founder Per-Anders Enkvist, along with his co-founders Per Klevnäs and Robert Westerdahl, full circle: they are all McKinsey alumni.

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